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Earn money contributing content to They are looking for guides and video producers for various topics including business, careers, technology, education, entertainment, health, parenting, sports, style and more.

Video producers are paid $250 per video. New Guides and Topic Guides earn a flat rate per article and can eventually earn extra money based on the amount of views their articles receive.


LoveToKnow is hiring writers and editors to provide and edit informative articles, product reviews, slideshows and more. Topics include finance, beauty, shopping, entertainment, health, technology, games, hobbies, family issues, home improvement, and more.

Writers are required to have experience with the topic they want to write about, at least one year of professional writing experience and at least six months of writing content for the internet. They must also be interested in contributing articles on a regular basis. Site editors are also required to have experience with their topic of choice and professional writing & editing experience.


WorldStart is looking for computer tips & tricks for their email newsletter and feature articles for their website. They pay $25 for 250-word articles, $40 for 400-word articles, $45 for 600-word articles and $50 for 800-word articles via Paypal or check (US Residents only).

Get paid for publishing news articles on Newsvine. Writers receive 90% of the advertising revenue generated from their Newsvine domain. Earnings can be redeemed 45 days after the end of the month in which they were earned. Newsvine pays on the 5th and 20th of each month (or nearest business day). The minimum payout is $25 via PayPal.


Join IgoUgo, a website for travelers, and earn GO Points redeemable for frequent-flyer miles and Amazon gift certificates. Travelers can earn points just for registering, for writing reviews of places they visit during their trip and for submitting photos. Members that win a ‘Best of’ award earn even more points.

method shop

MethodShop is in need of reviews, tutorials, humor and lifestyle articles on the iPod, iPad or technology in general. Pay depends on the length and quality of the article. Writers may also receive free products to review.

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