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Welcome to PCMoneyMaker.Net. Here you will find legitimate work from home jobs, ways to earn money from home and money-making ideas. Discover writing jobs, blogging jobs, general & legal transcription jobs, medical transcription jobs, online tutoring jobs and customer service work from home jobs. Learn how to make money at home doing a variety of other things including completing tasks, taking surveys, selling photographs, uploading videos, answering questions and more.

Work From Home Writing Articles
You can make money at home writing articles on a variety of topics. Companies usually pay a flat rate per article. Some compensate based on the amount of page views your articles receive (after being published) and some pay based on the revenue your articles bring.

Make Money From Home Blogging
A blog is like an online journal. Blogs are easy to start and easy to maintain. You can write articles about subjects you are knowledgeable about and publish them online. Bloggers earn money by reviewing other people’s products or websites, or by placing advertisements on their blog.

Earn Money Taking Surveys
There are many companies out there that are interested in your opinions and are willing to compensate you for sharing them. You can’t make an income taking surveys but you can earn a little extra cash.

Customer Service Work From Home Jobs
You can make money at home providing customer service. Most customer service jobs require a computer, high speed internet, USB headset, quiet environment at home, high school diploma or GED, and a background check after you’ve been hired.

General or Legal Transcription Work From Home Jobs
A Transcriber makes money by listening to audio recordings and typing what is heard. Transcribers need to have great listening skills and a strong command of the English language. Most transcription companies require headphones, high speed internet access, a foot pedal and audio software. I suggest downloading Express Scribe for free and practicing using Tigerfish’s audio file to get a sense of what the job is like. You’ll be faster w/ a foot pedal and therefore make more money but companies like Tigerfish or Accutran Global don’t require it to begin with.

Medical Transcription Work From Home Jobs
Medical transcribers are required to know medical terminology, so training is necessary. Fortunately, there are online schools available. Visit AHDI to find approved MT Schools.

Tutoring Work From Home Jobs
Become an online tutor and make money tutoring students and providing homework help via a chat interface and a headset. Not all companies require a headset. Online tutors are typically paid by the hour.

Work From Home Submitting Photographs or Videos
You can make money from home by selling photographs to stock photography websites. Stock Photography companies typically pay each time your photo is purchased. Some companies pay a flat rate per accepted photo.

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